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Pre & Post-Natal Training Programs

Train Safely During and After Pregnancy

Having a baby changes everything! There's a lot of information out there about training during and post-pregnancy and it can be hard to navigate it all. Whether you are pregnant or have already given birth, Loz will help you on your journey. She is a CPPC Certified Pre & Post Natal Coach and has an option to suit all pregnancies and abilities.


Postpartum Group Training

If you want to get back into some sort of exercise routine after having your little one, this is the perfect place to start. This is an opportunity for you to ease yourself back into exercise by rebuilding your strength, mobility & fitness whilst socialising and interacting with other mummys in a safe and fun environment. Bring you & your little bundle of joy with you and join other mummys on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 10.30am!

One-to-One Pre & Postnatal Personal Training

If you’d like to work a little closer with Loz, she also offers one to one in personal training. These 1-to-1 sessions are tailored to your abilities. Loz will help you feel good throughout your pregnancy and afterwards help you work towards your postnatal goals. These sessions are suitable for pre and/or postnatal once cleared by a medical professional.

Pre & Postnatal Online Coaching

Online coaching is personalised programming for you to do in your own time may it be at home or in a gym environment. This is tailored specifically to your needs and abilities. With personalised programming, feedback can be shared between coach and client to ensure progress happens.

Let's Get Started!

Pre & Post-Natal Training Programs

Loz will work with you to determine the training option that works best with your busy schedule! Simply fill out the contact form or email to get started.



I’m Lorraine, also known as Loz and I was lucky enough to start my fitness journey at a very young age which involved playing different sports. My background lies in GAA playing whilst representing both club & county with pride and in football playing in the Irish Premier League.

During my time in CrossFit I found a love for helping people and over the past 4+ years I have worked with a variety of clients from helping them find confidence in the gym, educating them or helping them achieve performance goals and much more.

Over time I have also built relationships with pre and postnatal clients, guiding them throughout their pregnancy or helping them get back to where they were post pregnancy.

So whatever stage of your journey you are at, let me educate you, help you find that balance and help you improve your lifestyle.


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