Nutrition Coaching at Perpetua Fitness

Nutrition plays a huge role in our health and fitness goals. Whether your goal is to lose some body-fat, build some lean muscle mass, improve your gym performance or just become a healthier version of you, we have you covered at Perpetua.
All nutrition coaching plans are built to cater for you, your goal and your lifestyle!  They provide you with a coach to help you navigate your fitness and nutrition journey and keep you accountable along the way.
Your nutrition coach will not only help you improve your daily nutrition protocols but also help you improve the other major lifestyle building blocks such as sleep, hydration, daily movement etc.
How does it work?
Step 1: You will meet with our in-house nutrition coach for a consultation. Here you will discuss your goals and current lifestyle in detail and your coach will talk you through the different options and advise you on which plan best meets your needs.

Step 2: Your Coach will build out your personalised nutrition plan. This will include personalised calorie, macronutrient and meal timing recommendations built to make you feel your best while moving you closer to your desired goal. You may also receive sleep, hydration, daily movement targets etc.

Step 3: You will receive nutrition guidebooks, starter packs, recipe ideas, shopping lists and multiple other resources to help you along the way.

Step 4: Each week you will check in online to monitor progress and communicate with your coach. Here your coach can make any necessary adjustments to your plan and provide feedback to any questions that you may have.

Step 5: Put in the work and enjoy the results!
How long is the program? 
All initial programs last for 10 weeks. After the 10 week mark you can continue with nutrition coaching on a month to month basis.
Is a training plan included?
Yes, your coach can assign you a training plan that aligns with your current fitness levels and goal.
How do I get started or find out more information?
To get started contact to book your initial consultation.
“So the nutrition plan actually changed my life. My energy was never great, constantly catching colds every few weeks. I can’t believe the difference that food has made to my energy and overall health.”
“This literally saved my wedding. Forever grateful!”
“I’ve lost just under 13kg of fat in 12 weeks, while maintaining muscle. Couldn’t recommend enough!”