Take your training to the next level!

What is Hyrox?

HYROX is a global fitness race for Every Body. Participants from all around the world compete in the exact same format. The race starts with a 1 km run, followed by 1 functional movement, which repeats 8 times, taking place in large indoor venues, creating a unique stadium like atmosphere for all participants

Hyrox at Perpetua Fitness

Here at Perpetua Fitness we will provide the coaching and program that any individual can follow in class to prepare and race for a Hyrox event. We will host 3 classes a week for you to join and every 8 weeks we will host a Hyrox simulation event for individuals to join to test their progress and race capacity.

Sport Of Fitness

52% of gym members now cite fitness as their primary sport. Fitness is the largest sport in the world and HYROX is the first mass participation event that gives everyday gym-goers their own race to train for. HYROX bridges the gap between traditional endurance events with functional fitness, to create a race format for Every Body. Together with the unique Hyrox unique training programs and the support of your favourite Perpetua coaches, no matter what your fitness level is, we will get you ready for your first HYROX race.

Mass Participation

Hyrox is truly accessible: with 4 different racing categories to choose from, HYROX is for everyone no matter the fitness level:

  • Open – take on the standard HYROX for a challenging but achievable race for everyone.
  • Pro – for the experienced racer, heavier weights make for a more challenging experience.
  • Doubles – find a partner and take on the challenge as a pair, running together but splitting the workload of the exercises.
  • Relay – come together with your friends or family and race the relay where each member of the team does 2 times 1 km and 2 workouts.


TIMETABLE: Hyrox classes will take place at Windmill Lane TUESDAY 8:15am | THURSDAY 6pm | SATURDAY 8am


Purchase class credits and use them to book into HYROX Sessions. Any studio credit can be used for Hyrox at Perpetua! All studio credit terms and conditions apply including our 8-hour cancellation policy.


€179/month; 3 month commitment. This membership gives you unlimited HYROX classes as well as a free subscription to Perpetua Online Programming! After your 3 months, your membership will roll month to month and you can cancel at any time by giving us 30-days notice.