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DENISE RIDE, TREAD & SHRED I like workouts to be FUN!! With a background as a professional dancer, competitive gymnast and cheerleader I have always had a passion for movement. My love for music, movement and people led me to the fitness industry teaching Barre and Dance in studios across London and now Dublin. All… Continue reading DENISE GOFF


PADRAIG RIDE "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you. Change yourself, you will not regret it" With over 20 years of experience working in the fitness industry from personal training to international presenting and coaching of over 50 fitness videos I have gained my knowledge of various styles of classes and I incorporate the best… Continue reading PADRAIG CLYNE


CHRIS RIDE "Do something your future self will thank you for" My path into fitness came from a gym management role where my lifestyle and habits were far from health-focused. In trying to improve my own health, I immersed myself in training and nutrition. In the end, I enjoyed it so much that I decided… Continue reading CHRIS LOH


KATE RIDE "You have only one life. Take a chance, make a change, and live." I’ve always been into health and fitness but Perpetua truly changed it all for me! I started going to classes there when it first opened, got completely hooked and here we are! I would’ve never thought I’d be the one… Continue reading KATE FLYNN