Welcome to the Perpetua community! We can’t wait to welcome you into our studios. We know the journey to becoming the best version of ourselves is not an easy one, but joining us in our studios is a big step towards that goal!


How do I purchase studio credits?

You can purchase class credits online through your account on, or through the Perpetua app here: 


What can I use my studio credits for?

You can use credits to book into our RIDE or SWEAT studios!

Our RIDE studio features the following:

RIDE45 // RIDE60



Our SWEAT studio features the following:

Tread & Shred


What is the cancellation policy for studio bookings?

Our cancellation window is 8 hours before the booking starts. If you cancel at least 8 hours in advance, it is considered an “early cancel.” This means that you do not lose a credit. Any cancellation within 8 hours is considered a “late cancel,” and in this instance your account is charged as if you had attended. We have this policy in place to ensure that all guests are able to book into their favourite movement offerings, so make sure to book with intention!

If you are late and unable to make the class, unfortunately we cannot return or refund the credit.


When do I need to arrive for my class?

FIRST TIMERS: We advise that you arrive at minimum, 15 minutes before class starts. This is to allow us to check you into your allocated spot and to give plenty of time for our instructor to give you a brief safety induction to the class.

*We cannot guarantee entry if you don’t leave sufficient time for this, as all newcomers must be given a safety  induction prior to the session starting*


RETURNING MEMBERS: If it’s not your first time, we still highly recommend you arrive at least 10 minutes early to ensure sufficient time between checking in, getting dressed for class and starting your class.


What happens if I’m late to a class? 

We operate on a CLOSED DOOR POLICY;  for health and safety reasons, once the session has begun and the coach has closed the door, we are unable to allow entry to anyone that has arrived late. As this is in the best interest of both your experience and our team, we ask that this is respected by all guests.

If you’re arrived late for a class, unfortunately we cannot return or refund the credit.


How do I check in for my booking?

Simply stop by the front desk and let us know your name and what you’re here for! If you’re booked in for a RIDE session, we’ll inform you of your bike number and if you’re booked in for a SWEAT session, we’ll inform you of your treadmill or floor number!


When does my studio pack expire?

Each pack has an expiry date as follows:

1 credit – 1 month expiry

5 pack – 1 month expiry

10 pack – 3 months expiry

20 pack – 6 months expiry

50 pack – 12 months expiry

These expiry dates are based off the first booking using those credits. For example, if you purchase a 5-pack and book into  March 13th, your pack will expire on April 13th.


** Any of our Promo Credit packs activate from the DATE OF PURCHASE  ** 


Thank you for your flexibility, understanding, and generosity as we navigate this new normal together. We can’t wait to move and connect in person with you again! These guidelines and protocol have been carefully thought out in order to provide the best and safest experience possible for our community. If you aren’t able to adhere to these protocol, we will not be able to support you with our in-person experience; however we invite you to continue to avail of our Online programming.