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Who We Are?

A Few Words from Nick Mitchell,

Founder of Ultimate Performance

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence

Vince Lombardi

I wish that it was me who first thought to say “if we chase perfection we can catch excellence”, because if anything sums up the ethos of Ultimate Performance personal training this phrase is it.

We constantly strive to be perfect Personal Trainers, in the perfect gym environment, with the perfect personal training methodology. But as we all know, attaining anything close to perfection is always a challenge, especially in something as inherently complex and individualized as personal training.

who we are

Getting into the gym is half the battle, you also need to get your nutrition in order!

Results, Not Promises

“Nobody can believe the body I now have. The biggest surprise was probably me going to visit my mother. At the train station, she walked right past me.”

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“For people who are serious or who really want to make change, absolutely it’s been an invaluable experience with the trainers. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.”

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“There has been a 100% improvement of my mental situation. I never imagined training could do this – pushing yourself harder in terms of training and the diet makes you confident of what you”

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“Not only do I feel better in myself, I am more confident as I get comments from friends and colleagues about the way I look.”

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“I became a better mother, wife and person” Says Emmy After Just 20 Weeks

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Years in a Commercial Gym vs Just 15 Weeks At Ultimate Performance

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“Inside, I knew that I had something in me. I knew that I wanted to achieve something extraordinary. I just didn’t know how to do it. I just needed help to find out how to do it.”

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“It’s made me feel alive again which I hadn’t felt since my 20s; you don’t realise how much of a rut you get into; sleeping, eating and drinking.”

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“You can’t describe it with words. It changed my life completely. I’m back where I was a long time ago.”

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“After so many years I finally feel like myself — like this is me, and I don’t have to hide anymore.”

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“I have lost 10kg and almost 10% body fat – this is incredible to me!”

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“I believe 100% that I wouldn’t have got the results I have, in the time I did, without the constant support.”

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