James Rankin - personal training


Crossfit, Personal Training

"Progress requires pursuit, pursuit requires challenges, challenges cause discomfort, discomfort teaches lessons. Lessons produce progress."

After playing every sport possible while growing up, I started training “seriously” in the gym in my early 20s, and was fortunate to be surrounded by like-minded peers at university who all wanted to find the best way to become fitter, faster and stronger.

All my learning tends to be inspired by the problems I see others going through. I am a voracious learner, I love to read, listen to podcasts, and discuss anything that can be considered beneficial for “growth”. Any and all suggestions / conversations are always welcomed over a cup of coffee / pint of Guinness or bottle of wine 🙂


I specialise in an individualised & holistic approach to health. My focus is always building a relationship and working 1-1 with clients to work on a whole health package, covering everything from training, nutrition to mindset, stress and sleep. This means I may push you to add weight on the bar, push harder in your cardio, and eat a little more or less to properly fuel your training, or I might tell you to take a day / week off the gym and focus on rest & recovery.