• My main focus is improving my clients quality of movement and instilling healthy habits. By keeping training fun and focused around full body & functional movements I push clients to explore their movement and do things they thought impossible. My goal is to help my clients create autonomy in their training and eating.


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Level 2
  • CrossFit Aerobic Capacity
  • British Weightlifting Level 1


  • I enjoy spending time learning how to improve my craft

  • I previously worked as a barista, and I still am hugely passionate about coffee

  • Learning about how to brew through its various different methods

  • Outside of this I love to socialise with friends while watching sports.


James is a Personal Trainer and CrossFit Coach at Perpetua Fitness. Coming from a competitive rugby background, strength and conditioning has been a major part of this life for over a decade. Having found CrossFit in 2012 he used CrossFit to fill his competitive void after finishing playing rugby. He then began his coaching journey in 2014, learning from as many different background as possible. He has spent time learning from some of the best Olympic Liftingcoaches in Ireland. He has spent time with Elite Powerlifting coaches from the UK and USA, along side this he has attended numerous workshops and seminars covering everything from nutrition to movement, programming to elite CrossFit coaching.

James is known in the community for his keen eye & his attention to detail, specialising in quality of movement, helping clients get out of pain, and getting
them strong! His compassion for clients and sound technical knowledge helps James get the best out of his clients in both a 1-1 setting and in a group class format.


James is a top class coach. He is technically excellent and very mindful of injury prevention. His inclusive style of coaching makes you feel like you have thatsame one-on-one attention in a class setting as you would in a PT session. He is aware of how far he can push you and training with him is always fun.

- Rachel fitz


when people ask me what am I doing, because they see my results, I always say, I had a good coach plus I genuinely believe crossfit, in particular, here at Perpetua it can improve your life.

- Alex


James is a great coach, highly qualified and professional. He takes time to get to know you, and what your goals are. Based on that, he tailors every session and it never gets boring.He is supportive and never makes you feel under pressure, but you work hard and see the results. Wold highly recommend him to everyone!

- Francesca