Updated January 1, 2021

Due to current government guidelines, our facility is closed. You can find us training together online! 


What are your hours of operation?

You can find our opening hours here.

Where are you located?

We are at 2 Windmill Lane in Dublin 2.

Do you have a place I can securely leave my stuff while I work out?

We currently have (no-touch, unlocked) cubbies in our men’s and women’s changing rooms where you can leave larger items if necessary. We also provide a place where you can leave your belongings in the RIDE studio, SWEAT studio, or Crossfit box while you’re training.

Do you have showers?

Yes, we have four showers in both men’s and women’s changing rooms. We also provide shampoo and body wash by The Grafton Barber! **Due to current HSE regulations, our showers are not accessible.**


How do I purchase studio credits?

You can purchase class credits online through your account on, or through the Perpetua app.

What can I use my studio credits for?

You can use credits to book into our RIDE or SWEAT studios!

Our RIDE studio features the following:
RIDE45 // RIDE60

Our SWEAT studio features the following:

What is the cancellation policy for studio bookings?

Our cancellation window is 8 hours before the booking starts. If you cancel at least 8 hours in advance, it is considered an “early cancel.” This means that you do not lose a credit. Any cancellation within 8 hours is considered a “late cancel,” and in this instance your account is charged as if you had attended. We have this policy in place to ensure that all guests are able to book into their favourite movement offerings, so make sure to book with intention!

How do I check in for my booking?

Simply stop by the front desk and let us know your name and what you’re here for! 

When does my studio pack expire?

Each pack has an expiry date as follows:
1 credit – 1 month expiry
5 pack – 1 month expiry
10 pack – 3 months expiry
20 pack – 6 months expiry
50 pack – 12 months expiry

These expiry dates are based off the first booking using those credits. For example, if you purchase a 5-pack and book into  March 13th, your pack will expire on April 13th.


If I have a studio pack can I also use the JustGYM area?

Studio packs are for use in our studios only. But on a JustGYM+ membership, you also receive 8 credits per month that you can use!

How long is a JustGYM membership good for?

Our JustGYM contract is 3 months in duration; after 3 months is up, your membership is a rolling month-to-month billing cycle. After your 3 months, you can cancel at any time with 30 days notice to our membership team.

What do I get for my monthly membership fee?

You get access to our JustGYM space anytime Perpetua is open! Additionally, new JustGYM members get a complimentary consultation with a trainer who will help you put together a program.

How do I become a JustGYM member?

Simply stop by the front desk to get the ball rolling on becoming a JustGYM member!


For all Crossfit enquiries, please contact us at!

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