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Weekly Grocery List: Week 2

  • Weekly Grocery List: Week 2
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Ciara is helping take the guesswork out of the weekly shop and providing some snack tips.


Use the shopping lists! Planning the weekly shop will help reduce economic and food waste as well as promote conscious cooking and motivation to try new recipes! Planning can also come into your daily (or hourly routine, if you’re that organised). Setting out meal times, time to cook and prepare your food can help maintain your ‘normal’ routine, minimise mindless grazing and bring back hunger intuition and connection to our bodies.

Try to write down in a journal, planner, online, calendar or even a piece of tissue: one time frame, for each day of the week that you can dedicate to yourself. That can be a 10-minute morning stretch, 1-hour evening cooking session or 30-min jog with your lockdown partners! Give back to yourself x.


Click each image below for a downloadable shopping list!


The WFH: food to fuel your work-from-home routine


The Foodie: getting creative with cooking


The Family Guy: feeding the squad
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