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Want To Run Faster?

  • Want To Run Faster?
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Whether you’re shooting for a personal best, or just trying to spice up your runs, this speed workout will help you get faster AND build endurance. Do this workout once a week and you’ll be flying in the SWEAT room!




3-5 minutes of dynamic stretching – leg swings, inchworms, World’s Greatest Stretch

Jog 8-10 minutes (or more depending on how long of a run you’re aiming for)




  • 3 minutes at push pace; 60 seconds jog
  • 2 minutes at push+ pace ; 60 seconds jog
  • 1 minute at threshold pace; 60 seconds jog
  • 30 second sprint
  • 3 minutes jog

Repeat the sequence 3 times!




At least 10 minutes jog

10-15 minutes static stretching




  • Jog: Easy! You can hold a conversation. Equivalent to our 8-10-12 in the SWEAT room.
  • Push: About 75% effort. It feels hard but you can hold it for a few minutes. Equivalent to our 10-12-14 in the SWEAT room.
  • Push+: Getting harder. You can get a few words out but not really talk. Equivalent to our 12-14-16 in the SWEAT room.
  • Threshold: You cannot speak. Getting close to a sprint but not all out. This feels really challenging. Equivalent to our 14-16-18 in the SWEAT room.
  • Sprint: All-out! This is as hard as you can run. Equivalent to our 16-18-20 in the SWEAT room.

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