Tread & Shred

Our unique and innovative Tread and Shred signature class is a 45 minute workout incorporating short spells of high intensity work interspersed with rest periods , leaving you burning calories for hours after your workout.
Our class is based on three elements – RUN, CONDITION and MOVE.
Tread and Shred has been specifically designed to be a full body workout which is curated in sync with a KILLER playlist and lighting spec to help you fully immerse yourself in this unique fitness experience.
If its a challenge you’re looking for, this is the class for you.


Ride 45

Our signature RIDE class, Ride 45 is a high intensity interval workout lasting 45 minutes.
This ride is designed to help you master the basics of ride with a strong focus on rhythm, form and fun. Learn about technique, master the different positions on the bike and get comfortable riding to the beat so that you can make the most out of every ride.

Our RIDE studio is fitted with the best indoor bikes on the planet. The Keiser M3i allows you to track and measure your data, giving you accurate feedback on your progress throughout your 45 minute ride.
If thats not for you, feel free to immerse yourself in the RIDE environment with specially curated playlists and premium LED lighting experience.